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old friends

Little Nothing Moments #13 / Old friends are like sign posts on the peaks of life’s triumphs and tragedies, reminding you of who you are, who you were and who you’ve got the potential to be. Old friends keep you from getting lost in the wilderness.

a rambling ode to friendship

Nothing Little Moments #11 / It all started (or stopped) the night I caught up with my oldest friend Polly. It was a damned quandary I can tell you. Up until that night I’d been writing and publishing every day, keeping to my word, fulfilling my promises, dripping with integrity.

there's always puppy therapy

Little Nothing Moments #8 / I have spent a very large portion of my life semi-frozen in lack of purpose, or one true calling. I’ve always envied those who are very something - very creative, very clever, very witty. And wished I could be very something. But I’ve given up on that idea now…

i can still do a handstand

Little Nothing Moments #2. Generally I love to talk. But lately I don’t feel like it so much. It feels exhausting and a waste of time. When I would have filled uncomfortable silences with chatter, presently I don’t have the motivation for it. But it might be just a phase.

did you ever notice

Intermittently today, and for the last few days I’ve been thinking about writing. Thinking about how since starting full time work earlier in the year I’ve barely written anything – other than work stuff. In some ways it’s been a nice break, but in other ways it’s been like leaving an arm somewhere and trying to decide if I can do without it or not.