Australia Day or Invasion Day?

This Australia Day I won’t be sitting around an esky full of beer drinking myself stupid. I won’t fly an Aussie flag out my car window while blasting Triple J's Hottest 100. I won’t get a southern cross tattoo. I won’t paint my face blue, white and red. The words ‘oi, oi, oi’ will not pass my lips. But I will...

The Little Things Are The Big Things

2017. My grandma died. I got the flu and couldn’t walk properly. I spent three months fearing I had breast cancer. I cried. I swore. I felt insufficient. It would be easy for me to throw last year on the scrap pile of years that sucked if I hadn’t done this one powerful thing…

Parenting: Does Honesty Really Matter?

Being a parent is not an easy thing. And being a ‘good’ parent is even harder. ‘Authenticity’ and ‘congruency’ have been buzzwords for a while now. But what about when it comes to how we show up as parents, and who we’re being with our kids? It gets a little more complicated… Or does it?

Dear Mummsy - An Open Letter

It’s that time of year again – Mother’s Day. You know, that commercialised con? That designated day when big business tells us to buy something and make a public, conformed, socially syncopated display of mumma love? This year to show my love I made you a letter... 

You're Getting Older Girl

My annual ode to getting older. It has a dark beginning but hang in there, it has a happy(ish) ending… I was in the midst of a sweaty throng of other rock fans jumping up and down to my fave live band feeling super fucking happy...

Two Great Women

This International Women’s Day I remember with love and gratitude two great women - my grandmothers. One inspired me with her stoicism, fortitude and sharp mind. The other nourished my soul with unconditional love and an unquenchable joie de vivre.

Commute: The Magic Between Departure and Arrival

Today I slid my laptop into a beach bag with coffee money, wandered out the back gate to the beach, stopped to take a close-up of a flower still covered in dew, then walked along the beach to a little café to sip coffee and write... I reflected on how things change and how the word ‘commute’ has taken on a very different meaning for me...

Dear Dad: An Open Letter

Some of my favourite memories are of growing up with you on the farm. Friday afternoons when you’d pick the three of us girls up from school, grab a pizza, then head home and watch Graham Kennedy’s Funniest Home Videos. Then you’d let us stay up late to watch a movie and eat Cadbury's Snack chocolate.

At Least the Wattle Keeps on Blooming

Mum sits the three of us down at the kitchen table and asks us if we’ve noticed that she and Dad have been arguing a lot. I’m eight, the oldest and the most outspoken. I ask as a joke if they’re going to get divorced. It seems like such a whacky possibility. Something that happens on TV, not in our house.