i whispered a different mantra

i whispered a different mantra

Do you have a morning ritual? I do. You may call them habits, but I think ‘rituals’ sounds so much more important.

Here’s mine...

Hit snooze once or twice

Starfish for a while if James has already gone to the beach

Get up and head for the bathroom

Scrape my tongue 

Brush my teeth

Swish swosh some coconut oil around my mouth - and in the last few weeks I've started doing squats while I swish swosh

Some days neti (nostril rinsing)

Then I sit down to meditate

I light a little candle and some incense 

I choose an angel card – today I got ‘soulmate’ which is interesting, since things are tense

Then lately I’ve started reading a few pages of something before I meditate. Right now I’m reading Meditation and Mantras by Swami Vishnu-Devananda. It gives an introduction to a range of different meditation techniques. Today I read about japa (mantra) meditation.

If you asked me what a mantra is I would have said it’s a word or phrase that’s special and you repeat it, but he explains it so much more eloquently than me:

“A mantra is mystical energy encased in a sound structure.”

Then finally I meditate for a while - with a mantra, which hopefully works its magic on me.

Later today I whispered a different mantra. 

When I found four of the new chicks drowned in the hens' drinking water.

The transience of life. 


This is part of my Little Nothing Moments daily writing series. 

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adventures with salty water

adventures with salty water

i can still do a handstand

i can still do a handstand