there's always puppy therapy

there's always puppy therapy

I have spent a very large portion of my life semi-frozen in lack of purpose, or one true calling. 

I’d describe myself as – half creative, half pragmatic, and overall - mediocre. Not exceptional, not gifted and not driven. 

I’ve always envied those who are very something - very creative, very clever, very witty. And wished I could be very something. 

But I’ve given up on that idea now (finally) and surrendered to the fact that I’m not very anything, and that is perhaps what keeps me at a fairly steady measure of contentedness.

And on this National R U OK Day, I can say yes I am OK. (I liked this article about it.)

I spent this morning using my marketing skills to promote an R U OK campaign for my bread and butter day job - from home today… Which gave me time to also wrangle the budgie away from chewing the modem.

In the afternoon I bought a boot load of flowers for a festival I’ll be at tomorrow for my flower biz.

Then I picked up the boys from school.

Dropped one of their friends home on the way. Stopped for a chat with his mum. Sat on the floor, drank peppermint tea and cuddled the most gorgeous, chubby little slug of a French Bulldog Pup named Harriet.

Marinated tofu, chopped veggies, and made a fresh batch of water kefir. 

Ate dinner outside on the back verandah with James and the boys and giggled about that Hi Ho Silver scene in Ace Ventura. So funny - and laughing with kids? The best.

For dessert we each ate one Mint Slice Biscuit. I’m rationing them, because they are intended for Che’s sugar monstrosity of a birthday cake - because we didn’t quit sugar.

After dinner the boys and I went down to the garage, aka the flower studio and I made bouquets while the boys flicked quickly through nurf wars, soccer, Monopoly and squabbling - and Otis Redding kept us company.

And now it’s 9.54 and I’m writing, because I said I would, because I want to. I’m pretty tired but happy – and all the more so because giving up the idea I need to focus on one thing has given space to a range of things done with pure joyful mediocreness.

I hope you are OK too. If you’re not and you need a listening ear, try me, I can do that too.

And there’s always puppy therapy otherwise.

no time travel required

no time travel required

looking at him looking up at me

looking at him looking up at me