Measuring Moments: The Antidote to Not-Enoughness

Do you ever wonder if you’ve changed much over the last 20 years? And by change I don’t mean more wrinkles. I mean wisdom, lessons learned, improvement - existential progress. How can you tell? How do you make a quantitative assessment of a qualitative phenomenon? This is how...

What You Gonna Do With The Simmer?

A few mornings past I woke up feeling like I was still caught in that land that hovers between sleep and waking... But the dude behind me brought this important information to my immediate attention with a loud honk on his horn... Road rage, how do you react?


I Got Wise: Four Things I learned at 40

Well, it seems that just maybe I did do some growing up in the last year, because this birthday I chilled the F out, and noticed that I knew some stuff that I didn’t know last year. I’ll spare you a list of 40, but here’s four: 1. Stop being so fucking hard on yourself...

Notes on Resolutions, Growing Up & Fun

Is there really any profound difference between 11.59 on the 31st December and one past midnight on 1st January? Is there such a thing as time and space? And just because everyone's doing it, does that mean we all have to be lemmings? ...Notes on new year resolutions, growing up and fun. :)

The Butterfly Effect

This story was difficult. It came to me on the back of butterfly wings, through tears, like a jigsaw puzzle. A few pieces at a time. I didn't even realise it was a story until it began to assemble itself.