If The World Were Ending...

If The World Were Ending...


Something a little bit different this week... A poem about the end of the world...

There’d be giggles 
And tickles
And cuddles
And fart jokes

There’d be silliness
And picnics
And food fights
And ice cream

There’d be forest
And beach
And mountains
And rivers

There’d be foot rubs
And back tickles
And thumb wrestles
And hot baths

There’d be phone calls
And ‘I love you’s’
And ‘you matter’
And gratitude

There’d be stargazing
And flower ogling
And animal patting
And insect puzzling

There’d be music
And a gathering
And a bonfire
And a banquet

There’d be sunrise
And sunset
And stars
And a moon

There’d be goodnights
And hand holding
And lovemaking
And tears

There’d be breathing
And excitement
And mystery
And fear

There’d be silence
And stillness
And nothing
Then something

…But honestly
I don’t think
there’d be any

What would the last 24 hours on earth hold for you?

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