10 Reasons Why A Walk in The Forest Will Rock Your World

10 Reasons Why A Walk in The Forest Will Rock Your World


One of my favourite ways to spend a day is in the forest. And I think it may just be the answer to the world’s problems. If everyone spent regular time in the forest there would be no more war, no more depression and no more unhappiness.

It’s literally impossible to be unhappy in a forest.

Recently I walked to a beautiful place called The Artist’s Cascades with my walking buddy Stan. And came back full of forest love, inspiration and an overwhelming calling to preach a forest sermon to the world.

So here goes - 10 reasons why a walk in the forest will rock your world...

1. Travel to another dimension

As soon as you enter the forest you’ll slip into another dimension where time, stress and anxiety don’t exist. You’ll feel yourself take a deep breath and drop the weight you didn’t realise you were carrying on your shoulders. Your crazy thought-machine will shut the hell up and let your eyes, ears and nose get some data through. You’ll turn into a yogi – you’ll be so present you’ll practically become the damn forest.

2. Wonder and Magic

You will start seeing again, instead of walking around like a warm zombie. You’ll notice little things, like small birds scratching in the undergrowth, caterpillars disguised as moss and trees that stretch to the heavens and are covered in iridescent green ferns. You’ll stop being a dull arrogant adult preoccupied with silly things like money, power and fame, and notice how amazing Mother Nature is.

3. Forest Philosophy

You and your walking buddy Stan will get deep into philosophical discussion. Everything will make sense and you’ll create a feasible plan to solve all the world’s problems.

Everyone knows that the greatest wisdom is happiness… So of course, along with philosophising and saving the planet you’ll also laugh a lot. And it will feel as though the birds and the trees laugh with you.

4. Cosmetic Surgery

There will definitely not be any cosmetic surgeons in the forest, however your skin will appear plumper, your wrinkles will disappear and your skin will glow with health. Each one of your cells will buzz with pure, straight up, unadulterated life force energy – direct from the source.

5. There’ll be snakes

You’ll see a big beautiful carpet python nonchalantly sashaying across the path and into the forest. She will still be sleepy from the cool morning air and a little bit curious about you. You’ll watch her and she’ll watch you, and you’ll feel blessed to have spent time with a wild thing.


6. Chocolate

There will be chocolate in your backpack, and you’ll stop in the middle of the forest to eat some. As if you weren’t already brimming with forest love, you’ll now enter samadhi.

7. Big Eggs

You’ll see a big egg on your walk. You’ll know that a wonderful artist by the name of Andy Goldsworthy made it, but you’ll choose to believe it’s a dinosaur’s egg, or maybe an alien spacecraft. Your friend Stan will show you where he wrote ‘Stan Was Here’ and then you’ll both stay very still and quiet while you watch a wallaby and its baby hop through the forest a few metres away.


8. Waterfalls & Swimming Holes

True, it’s about the journey not the destination – but the destination is good too… Yours will be The Artist’s Cascades… You'll imagine Victorian era walkers wearing white and tan, languishing at the base of the falls with easels and silverware. When you get there they obviously won’t be there, but it will be stunningly beautiful and the water will be crystal clear… So clear you can see eels swimming around. :/

9. Overcoming Fears

Since being bitten by an eel you’ll be very scared to jump in the water, but you’ll be hot from the walk and seduced by the water. So you’ll study the location of the eels. There will be three – two big ones and a small one. You’ll notice what seems to be their territory and where they patrol. You’ll then send Stan in first to see whether or not they’re likely to attack, then you’ll stand on a rock like a pathetic fool and finally jump in (mostly because you kind of fell) and then stumble out as quickly as possible, desperately whipping hair from your face so you can see, then sit on the edge waiting for your adrenalin levels to ease.

10. Brewing Tea

After swimming and a little more exploring, you’ll sit on a shady rock, eat lunch and then Stan will get out his little hiking cooker, boil water and you’ll both drink tea – right there in front of the falls, in the middle of the forest, away from the noise, chaos and business of daily life...

And it will rock your world.


And a bonus…

11. Inspiration

You’ll be so full of inspiration after your walk that you’ll want to write about it.

...What are you still doing here? Get out there. :)


The Artist’s Cascades is part of the Connondale Great Walk. Allow 4 hours minimum and extra for swimming, chocolate eating, laughing and tea drinking. 

And Stan is available for hire. ;)



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